Virtual Virginia does not assign letter grades to students; the local school will convert the numeric grade awarded to a letter grade based on the local grading scale. Grades are based on a 100‐point scale and are cumulative throughout the Virtual Virginia semester.

During the school year, Virtual Virginia provides a semester grade report via email and final grade report to the school counselor. The school counselor is responsible for downloading the final grade report upon the student's course completion using these instructions PDF Icon. The mentor is responsible for pulling interim, 6, or 9 week grades from the course gradebook using their mentor auditor account. If a school needs to collect an interim, 6, or 9 week grade, Virtual Virginia recommends using the current semester average, not the course final average. Virtual Virginia recommends that schools advise students as to the dates that grades will be pulled by the mentor. Please note that the exam grade is already calculated into the final grade.

Online AP students should receive grades based on the same scale used for bricks & mortar students. Honors points, weighting and other special considerations are made at the discretion of the local school, and should be determined prior to the student’s enrollment.