Q. How is the full-time program different from the supplemental program at Virtual Virginia (VVa)?

A. It isn’t; Virtual Virginia has offered online Advanced Placement, world language, elective, and core academic courses to students across the Commonwealth for years. The courses utilize course management software to maximize the interactivity of each class. Each course contains video segments, audio clips, whiteboard interaction, multimedia activities, and online discussions, as well as text. Instructors are available for telephone and online communication with students throughout the day. Full-time instructors are online with students at least 40 hours per week. Adjunct instructors have posted office hours. Virtual Virginia courses offer a rich multimedia learning environment that appeals to a variety of learning styles. Virtual Virginia courses can be scheduled flexibly throughout the day, as courses do not have to be taken in 'real' time. Students who enroll in five (5) or more courses via Virtual Virginia are considered full-time students.

Q. Who can enroll in the full-time program?

A. Students in high school (grades 9-12) who meet the course prerequisites and have approval from the local public school may enroll through their school counselor. Course prerequisites are found on the Course Offerings page. Home school and private school students who wish to participate in the full-time program tuition-free must enroll via their local public school. However, home school and private school students who wish to participate in the full-time program without registering through their local school at tuition cost should contact Tavy Young, Registrar with Virtual Virginia.

Q. What is the tuition for 2017-18 Virtual Virginia courses?

A. There is no tuition charged for Virginia public school students who enroll in standard core, world language, and elective courses. Virginia public school students participating in the Early College Scholars (ECS) program may also take Advanced Placement courses tuition-free. Home school and private school students must enroll via the local public school for tuition-free standard core, world language, and elective courses.

There is tuition charged per course for non-ECS Virginia public school students enrolled in AP courses of $375 times the Local Composite Index. Textbooks and other materials are the responsibility of the local school division. All students who withdraw from courses after 21 calendar days will be charged a $75 per course withdrawal fee. Any tuition or withdrawal fees are the responsibility of the enrolling party.

Q. Who pays the tuition and other fees?

A. No tuition is charged for standard, world language, or elective courses. Tuition for Early College Scholars (for Advanced Placement courses) is paid directly by the Virginia Department of Education. Tuition for non-ECS students is paid directly to the Virginia Department of Education. Any tuition charges are the responsibility of the enrolling party, and may be paid via credit card or check.

Q. What is the Early College Scholars Program and how does one enroll?

A. The Early College Scholars (ECS) Program is the Virginia Education for a Lifetime initiative. High school students are encouraged to get a head start on college by taking college level courses before graduating high school. Early College Scholar students must have at least a "B" average, be pursuing an Advanced Studies Diploma, and be on course to complete a minimum of 15 college credit hours (through AP, IB, Cambridge, or dual enrollment courses) by graduation. Students, parent or guardian(s), principals, and school counselors sign the Early College Scholars Agreement to participate. For more information, see the Early College Scholars page.

Q. What are the responsibilities of the school and school division?

A. For all Virtual Virginia courses, local schools must provide a local school counselor, a local mentor, all student services, an adequate study area for distance learning students, and ensure access to computers, high speed internet, headphones with microphones, a telephone, as well as other required hardware and software as outlined in the Tech Support Handbook. Any required textbooks and lab materials are the responsibility of the local school.

Q. Does the full-time program accept students with special needs or requirements?

A. Yes. Students who are enrolled in and attending a Virginia public school may enroll in a Virtual Virginia course with prior approval of the local school, and must be enrolled by a local school counselor or other school assigned designee. The local school agrees to provide a local school counselor, local mentor teacher, all student services, and all counseling services for each student enrolled in a Virtual Virginia course. For students with documented Section 504 and IEP services the local school counselor and local mentor must develop a plan for any documented student services. In the Virtual Virginia registration process, counselors are asked to identify qualified students with documented services in the Virtual Virginia Student Information System (Genius) by indicating if the student had either Section 504, IEP, or other documented services. The local public school division agrees to provide all appropriate services to students enrolled in Virtual Virginia courses, including those with documented services.

Q. How do I enroll my son or daughter in the full-time program?

A. Virtual Virginia serves public school students across the Commonwealth, so students must enroll via a local public school. All students who wish to participate must contact your local public school counselor for enrollment into the full-time program.

Q. Will students work from home or a school building?

A. Virtual Virginia courses may be accessed anywhere, anytime, from anyplace that has a computer with internet connection. The decision to allow students to take courses from home or another alternative location is up to the local school; potential students should work with local public schools to determine the best fit.

Q. Can students work at their own pace?

A. All Virtual Virginia courses require that assignments be completed in a timely manner and according to course timelines. Assignments and due dates are posted on the course calendar.

Q. Is there a limit to the number of courses a school may offer or the number of students who can enroll?

A. Virtual Virginia does not limit the number of courses a school may offer; however, schools are limited to 15 students per course. If a school has a need for more than 15 seats in one particular course, the school must send a request to the Virtual Virginia Registrar, Tavy Young, at tavy.young@virtualva.org. These requests will be evaluated on a space available basis.

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