Advanced Placement® Exam Reimbursement

School divisions may request reimbursement for AP Exam fees from the Virginia Department of Education. To request a reimbursement, schools must submit a list of Virtual Virginia ECS students, the names of the courses and exams taken, and a copy of the exam invoice to:

Virginia Department of Education
Office of Technology and Virtual Learning
P.O. Box 2120
Richmond, Virginia 23218

If preferred, these may be sent to Cynthia Evans at the VDOE via the SSWS dropbox.

Requests must be received by June 1st of each academic year.

In addition, submit proof of exam fee payment to the above address, or to Cynthia Evans via SSWS dropbox by July 15th of each academic year. Examples of proof of payment may include a copy of check submitted, screen shot of payment page, copy of receipt, etc.

This reimbursement process does not apply if AP exam reimbursement is received for these students from other sources.

If you have any questions about a reimbursement, please call the Virginia Department of Education's Office of Technology and Virtual Learning at 804-225-2047.


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