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Expanded Enrollment Program

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Virtual Virginia’s 2021–2022 Expanded Enrollment Program is available to Virginia public school divisions participating in the Virtual Virginia 6–12 Secondary Program. Virginia public schools have the opportunity to secure enrollments in Virtual Virginia-instructed courses beyond the annual free enrollment allotment.

How does the Expanded Enrollment Program benefit students at my school?

For the 2021–2022 school year, Virginia public school may register free enrollments until Virtual Virginia reaches the statewide program allotment of 6,000 free semester-equivalent enrollments. Once Virtual Virginia exceeds the allotment of 6,000 free semester-equivalent enrollments, all enrollments can be served via the Expanded Enrollment Program. Please note that all free public school enrollments are on a first-come, first-served basis until the new cap is reached.

The Expanded Enrollment Program is designed to assist with:

  • Filling open staffing needs
  • Complementing local course offerings
  • Expanding and diversifying local course offerings
  • Meeting fluctuating annual enrollment needs

How does the Expanded Enrollment Program work?

Schools and divisions may enroll secondary students (grades 6–12) as needed per the 2021–2022 free enrollment allotment:

At least 6,000 semester-equivalency public school course enrollments statewide are available at no cost to divisions.

      • A school may enroll each secondary student in 1 or more individual semester-equivalency courses (0.5 credit each). A full-time secondary student is enrolled in 10 or more semester-equivalency courses (0.5 credit per semester-equivalency course, for an overall total of 5 credits).
      • Each Virginia public school may enroll up to 15 students per semester-equivalent course with no enrollment fees. All Virtual Virginia enrollments are provided on a first-come, first-served basis pending available openings in each course. 
      • If a Virginia public school wishes to enroll more than 15 students in one course, or if the semester-equivalency of free enrollments has been met, the school may enroll via the fee schedule below.

If a division’s needs exceed the statewide free allotment items listed above, the following fee schedule, based on a school division’s local composite index (LCI), will be implemented to serve additional enrollments:

Grades 6–12 Semester Enrollment Fees (Per Student, Per Course)





2020–2022 LCI


Semester (0.5 cr)




*Virginia private school, homeschooled, out-of-state, and international enrollments

Note: All Virtual Virginia free-allotment enrollments are provided on a first-come, first-served basis pending available openings in each course.

What are the steps a school should take to register beyond the statewide program allotment?

The Virtual Virginia course enrollment process remains the same, but there are a few additional steps to secure enrollments beyond the statewide program allotment of free enrollments). Enrollments over the free allotment will be added to the school’s Payment Queue for that course in the Virtual Virginia registration system subject to the discounted fees above. 

To secure the enrollment of students in the Payment Queue, payment of the Expanded Enrollment Fee may be made by credit/debit card online or by check via invoice to the school division. Once online card payment is approved or a signed invoice/agreement is signed, the Payment Queue enrollments will be registered in the Virtual Virginia course.

Below are the instructions for registering enrollments as part of the Expanded Enrollment Program.

  1. To avoid delays: Before proceeding, finalize your enrollment choices at the local level. If you make enrollment changes after following the steps below, the process will restart and cause a delay.
  2. Register and enroll students in courses using the regular VVA enrollment process. Refer to the Registration & Enrollment page for instructions on registering, enrolling, and updating students in the VVA SIS.
  3. All enrollments beyond the statewide program allotment of 6,000 free enrollments will be placed on your school’s Payment Queue. To view your school’s Payment Queue in Genius, click the Payment Queue button in the lefthand navigation.
  4. To make a payment to complete the enrollment process:
    1. Mark the checkbox for each enrollment you wish to complete.
    2. Click the Select Payment Method button.
    3. Select your payment option from the dropdown selector.
      1. If you select Credit Card, you will enter your payment information and complete payment online. If online payment is successful, the paid enrollments will be registered in the course.
      2. If you select Invoice, an invoice/agreement will be prepared and sent to your division via email. The selected enrollments will be removed from your payment queue, and enrollment will be complete.
  5. To cancel enrollments currently in the payment queue:
    1. Mark the checkbox for each enrollment you wish to cancel.
    2. Click the Cancel Enrollment(s) button. Note: This action will cancel the selected enrollments.

Important: “Expanded” Enrollments Cannot Become Free Enrollments

Any enrollments made beyond the statewide program allotment of 6,000 free enrollments will be considered “expanded” enrollments and will require payment. Once an enrollment is considered an “expanded” enrollment, it is permanently an “expanded” enrollment and payment is required.

More Information

If you have any questions about the Expanded Enrollment Program, contact the VVA Main Office at [email protected] or 866-650-0025.

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