Counselors’ Role with Virtual Virginia

Woman in classroom with students in the background

School counselors are vital to the success of Virtual Virginia and we look forward to developing a long and mutually beneficial relationship.


  • Commitment to promote the courses available to students through Virtual Virginia
  • Approve students to take Virtual Virginia courses as part of a regular school-day schedule or in addition to their regular school-day schedule
  • Register students for courses offered through Virtual Virginia
  • Commitment to promote the Early College Scholars program with your students starting in the 9th grade
  • Work with school mentors to ensure that final grades are received and appropriate credit awarded on the student’s transcript
  • Communicates student progress to parent/guardian or other stakeholders as needed
  • Ensure that all necessary student services are provided at the local school
  • Regularly communicate student needs with Virtual Virginia instructors
  • Create Parent Auditor Accounts when requested (Directions for parent auditor account creation)


All enrollments are on a first-come, first-served basis pending available student openings in each course.

Virtual Virginia’s registration system (Genius) enables school counselors and other school administrators to:

  • Easily register new students
  • Enroll students in new courses
  • Withdraw students from existing courses
  • Create and assign mentors and manage their load
  • Access a comprehensive student information profile

If you need instructions on how to register students for courses, please refer to the SIS Instructions and Counselor’s Handbook.

School counselors should contact Virtual Virginia whenever they have questions or feedback about the registration system. All questions may be sent to the Virtual Virginia registrar at [email protected].

Grade Reports

Virtual Virginia does not assign letter grades to students. Virtual Virginia grades are based on a 100‐point scale and are cumulative throughout the Virtual Virginia semester. The local school will convert the numeric grade awarded to a letter grade based on the local grading scale.

The school counselor is responsible for retrieving the final course grade within the VVA SIS and is responsible for recording the final course grade at the local school upon completion of the course. The mentor is responsible for pulling interim, 6-, or 9-week grades from the course gradebook using their mentor auditor account.

Virtual Virginia AP students should receive grades based on the same scale used for brick-and-mortar students. Honors points, weighting, and other special considerations are made at the discretion of the local school and should be determined prior to the student’s enrollment.

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