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04004 AP Human Geography

AP Human Geography introduces students to the systematic study of patterns and processes that have shaped human understanding, use, and alteration of the Earth’s surface. In this course, students will study diverse peoples and areas organized around concepts like location and place, scale, pattern, spatial organization, and regionalization.

This course aligns with the College Board’s learning goals for AP Comparative Government and Politics.


  • World History & Geography (recommended)

Course Texts and Materials

  • The Cultural Landscape, An Introduction to Cultural Geography (13th edition, 2020)
    Publisher: Pearson
    Print, ISBN-13: 9780135116159
    Digital, ISBN-13: 9780135209738

Terms Offered

Offered in two half-credit semesters:

  • 04004 AP Human Geography Sem 1 (0.5 cr)
    • Full Year, Semester 1 (fall, 18 weeks)
    • Fall Block, Semester 1 (early fall, 9 weeks)
    • Spring Block, Semester 1 (early spring, 9 weeks)
  • 04004 AP Human Geography Sem 2 (0.5 cr)
    • Full Year, Semester 2 (spring, 18 weeks)
    • Fall Block, Semester 2 (late fall, 9 weeks)
    • Spring Block, Semester 2 (late spring, 9 weeks)
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