04052 World History & Geography to 1500 A.D.

In this course, students take a journey back in time to explore civilizations, world events, and notable people from prehistory through 1500 A.D. The course begins with the Paleolithic time period and the dawn of humankind, then moves to examine ancient river valley civilizations, like Mesopotamia and Egypt, ancient India and China, classical Greece and Rome, the Byzantine Empire, early Russia, the Islamic Empire, early African and American civilizations, and Europe during the Middle Ages. Culminating with the Renaissance, World History I features information about the birth and growth of the five major world religions and centralized political entities.

This course aligns with the Virginia Standards of Learning for World History & Geography to 1500.

Credit Recovery Option

This course is also offered as a credit recovery course.


  • Completion of a middle school-level civics class (recommended)

Course Texts and Materials

  • All resources are provided within the course.


  • 1 credit

Terms Offered*

  • 04052 World History & Geography to 1500 A.D.
    • Full Year
    • Fall Block
    • Spring Block
    • Summer Session
  • 04052 World History & Geography to 1500 A.D.—Credit Recovery
    • Summer Session

*See explanation of academic terms offered

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