04101 Virginia & U.S. History

The goal of this course is to provide an overview of Virginia and United States history, from exploration and colonization to the present day. The course offers students the opportunity to think about our past in a new way and to better understand how yesterday’s actions will impact the present and future. In addition to preparing students for the Virginia’s SOL test in U.S. History, this course will also help students in better developing their research, writing, and analytical skills, which will serve them academically and in their future careers.

Credit Recovery Option

This course is also offered as a credit recovery course.


  • Completion of a high school-level World History course (recommended)

Course Texts and Materials

  • All resources are provided within the course.


  • 1 credit

Terms Offered*

  • 04101 Virginia & U.S. History
    • Full Year
    • Fall Block
    • Spring Block
    • Summer Session
  • 04101 Virginia & U.S. History—Credit Recovery
    • Summer Session

*See explanation of academic terms offered

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