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08112 Health & PE 8

Students will begin to demonstrate competence in skillful movement in modified, dynamic game/sport activities and in a variety of rhythmic and recreational activities. Students will set goals, track progress, and participate in activities to improve lifetime health-related fitness. The course covers body systems, nutrition, physical health, disease prevention, health promotion, substance abuse prevention, safety, injury prevention, mental wellness, social and emotional skills, violence prevention, and community and environmental health.

This course aligns with the Virginia Standards of Learning for Grade 8 Health and Grade 8 Physical Education.


  • Health & PE 7 (required)

Course Texts and Materials


  • If a coach or fitness instructor is not available to verify physical activity, the student will need access to one of the following as proof of physical activity completion:
    • Fitbit
    • Apple Watch
    • Garmin Heart Rate Monitor
    • A smartphone app like Strava or Pacer

Terms Offered

Offered in two half-credit semesters:

  • 08112 Health & PE 8 Sem 1 (0.5 cr)
    • Full Year, Semester 1 (fall, 18 weeks)
    • Fall Block, Semester 1 (early fall, 9 weeks)
    • Spring Block, Semester 1 (early spring, 9 weeks)
    • Summer Session, Semester 1 (first 3 weeks)
  • 08112 Health & PE 8 Sem 2 (0.5 cr)
    • Full Year, Semester 2 (spring, 18 weeks)
    • Fall Block, Semester 2 (late fall, 9 weeks)
    • Spring Block, Semester 2 (late spring, 9 weeks)
    • Summer Session, Semester 2 (second 3 weeks)
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