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Faculty Member Department
Anderson, Kimberly History & Social Sciences
Bates, Jessica Health & Physical Education
Bittner, April English
Bohac, Adam Computer Science
Buendorf, Jason Mathematics
Carpenter, Christopher Mathematics
Carpenter, Joellen Mathematics
Carroll, Daniel Science
Chaffin, Katie World Languages
Chang, Pingli World Languages
Cozart, Jon History & Social Sciences
Dalton, Elizabeth English
Davis, Michelle History & Social Sciences
Dee, George Fine Arts
Dudley, Stephen Mathematics
Duncan, Colleen Science
Duvall, Frank History & Social Sciences
Edmonds, Leslie English
Estep, Cheryl History & Social Sciences
Farr, Tara Science
Filkowski, Bailey World Languages
Gabriel, Amy English
Haas, Amanda World Languages
Hagy, Roger Computer Science
Hamdan, Lama World Languages
Hernandez, Jesse English; Fine Arts
Holley, Buffie Computer Science
Huss, Sarah History & Social Sciences
Huss, Thomas History & Social Sciences
Kauffman, Christina World Languages
Kight, Kurt Science
Killough, Cindy History & Social Sciences
Laspee, Hui World Languages
Latcovich, Cat History & Social Sciences
Lee, Ethan Science
Louis, Betsy World Languages
Louis, Sebastien World Languages
MacDonald, Carla History & Social Sciences
Matson, Brian History & Social Sciences
Matteo, Chris Ann World Languages
Mayees, Kholoud World Languages
Murphy, Janis World Languages
Nelson, Polly World Languages
O’Beirne, Alan World Languages
Osborn, Lauren English
Price, Amber Computer Science
Quigley, Mary Anne World Languages
Radke, Annemarie Science
Riggleman, Amanda Science
Rikard, Lee Ann Science
Shepherd, Robin Health & Physical Education
Speece, Heidi English
Sproles, Steven History & Social Sciences
Teator, Steven History & Social Sciences
Thomasson, Kelli History & Social Sciences
Tower, Kyle Computer Science
Trear, Katherine World Languages
Tyler, Melanie Mathematics
Vega, Mercedes World Languages
Warnick, Shannon History & Social Sciences
Westfall, Scott History & Social Sciences

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