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FAQs (Grades 6–12)

Q. What is Virtual Virginia (VVA)?

A. The Virginia Department of Education’s Virtual Virginia program offerings include online courses, digital content, and professional development opportunities to schools, students, and educators across the Commonwealth.

Virtual Virginia offers online Advanced Placement, world language, elective, and core academic courses to students across the Commonwealth, the nation, and throughout the world. The courses utilize course management software to maximize the interactivity of each class. Each course contains video segments, audio clips, whiteboard interaction, multimedia activities, and online discussions, as well as text. Instructors are available for telephone and online communication with students throughout the day. Full-time instructors are online with students at least 40 hours per week. Adjunct instructors have posted office hours. Virtual Virginia courses offer a rich multimedia learning environment that appeals to a variety of learning styles. While the asynchronous component of Virtual Virginia courses allows for flexibility, attendance of synchronous sessions is mandatory unless there is a conflict with school responsibilities. All synchronous sessions are recorded, and students are required to watch the recording if they are unable to attend live.

Q. Who can enroll in Virtual Virginia courses?

A. Students in middle and high schools who meet the course prerequisites, and have approval from the local school counselor, may enroll through the local school counselor. Contact the local school counselor to enroll in a VVA course. Note: Only homeschooled students are enrolled by their parents. All other students must be enrolled by the local school counselor.

Course prerequisites are found on the Course Offerings page.

Q. What is the enrollment fee for Virtual Virginia courses?

A.  Information is available on the Fees and Billing page.

Q. Who pays the enrollment fee and other fees?

A. The enrollment fee for private school, homeschooled, out-of-state, expanded enrollment, and international students is paid directly to the Virginia Department of Education. Enrollment fees are the responsibility of the enrolling party and are payable via Visa, Mastercard, or Discover debit/credit card.

Q. Who teaches Virtual Virginia courses?

A. Virtual Virginia has both full-time and adjunct instructors who are Virginia-licensed, highly qualified, and have experience/training in distance learning. Virtual Virginia provides appropriate professional development training in specific content areas and best practices of online instruction.

Q. What are the responsibilities of the school and school division?

A. Students who are enrolled in and attending a Virginia public school may enroll in a Virtual Virginia course with prior approval of the local school, and must be enrolled by a local school counselor or other school-assigned designee. The local school, and school division agree to provide a local school counselor, local mentor teacher, all student services, and all counseling services for each student enrolled in a Virtual Virginia course. In addition, schools and school divisions must provide an adequate study area, access to computers, high-speed internet access, a scanner, headphones with microphones, a telephone, as well as other required hardware and software. Textbooks and lab materials must also be purchased and are not paid for by the Virginia Department of Education. Schools are strongly encouraged to order textbooks early so that students have the necessary materials on the first day of class.

Q. Does the mentor need to be a licensed teacher?

A. No. Mentors will proctor tests, be available to handle communication between the student and teacher as needed, monitor student progress, and assist students with technology issues. Ideally, the mentor is in the classroom with the students to promote an optimal learning environment. For more information on Virtual Virginia mentors, visit the Virtual Virginia Mentors page.

Q. When do classes begin and end?

A. View the current Academic Calendar.

Q. Can students work at their own pace?

A. No, students move through the course material at the pace of their cohort/start date. Benchmark due dates are established to ensure that students stay on pace to complete the course by the end of the school year, but students have flexibility between those due dates.

Q. Are there any restrictions or other requirements for private schools or homeschooled students?

A. Private and homeschooled students may enroll in Virtual Virginia courses. For information on fees for private and homeschooled students, please visit the Fees and Billing page.

Q. I’m a homeschooled student. Can I take an AP exam?

A. Yes, homeschooled students are eligible to take Advanced Placement exams. However, it is the responsibility of the homeschooling parent to coordinate with a local school. Please review the College Board website for homeschooled students taking AP® exams.

Q. Should students register as a group through the school or individually?

A. Students should confer with their school counselor. The school counselor will register the school and enroll the students using Genius, Virtual Virginia’s online registration system and student information system. Counselors may access course grades in Genius at the end of each semester. School counselors may download a final grade report at the conclusion of the course. Interim, six-, or nine-week grades are pulled by the mentor and submitted to the appropriate authority at the local school.

Q. Is there a limit to the number of courses a school may offer or the number of students who can enroll?

A. In the 2021–2022 academic year, Virginia public schools will have the option of fee-based unlimited enrollment in Virtual Virginia courses beyond the 2021–2022 statewide program allotment, as part of the Expanded Enrollment Program.

Q. Does Virtual Virginia have a grading scale?

A. No, Virtual Virginia provides a numeric average which represents the students’ performance in the course. The local school determines the letter grade based on the grading scale used for students in local courses.

Q. What skills do students need to succeed in an online class?

A. While VVA students are strongly supported by the instructor and school mentor, students need to be self-motivated so they do not fall behind. Students must be able to stay on task, meet deadlines, and ask for assistance when needed. Some keyboarding skills and knowledge of email and using a web browser are also helpful. Refer to our “How to Become a Successful Online Student” document (PDF) for more information.

Q. How do I get a transcript or credit?

A. Virtual Virginia does not issue transcripts or award credit for courses taken through our program. Please contact your enrolling school counselor for transcripts or credits.

Q. Do Virtual Virginia courses meet NCAA eligibility requirements?

A. All Virtual Virginia courses meet the NCAA eligibility requirements except for the following:

  • 05153 AP Art History
  • 08052 Health and PE 9
  • 08999 Health and PE 10
  • 19262 Personal Finance (0.5 Credit); note: the 1-credit Economics and Personal Finance course is approved.

All other courses are approved. A full list of approved courses is available at ncaa.org.

Q. What constitutes a transfer enrollment?

A. Virtual Virginia accepts three types of transfer enrollments: military transfers, transfers related to documented medical conditions, and transfers to the local school. For a transfer to the local school, a transfer enrollment in a Virtual Virginia course may be made only if the student was already enrolled in the equivalent course—and has a currently passing grade—at his or her previous school at the time of transfer.

For further information, please contact main.office@virtualva.org.

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