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Fees (Grades 6–12)

Virginia Public School Students

All students enrolled in the VVA 6–12 Secondary Program remain affiliated with the enrolling school and division ADM. Students may be enrolled either full-time or as a supplemental enrollment in individual courses. 

Schools and divisions may enroll secondary students (grades 6–12) as needed per the 2021–2022 free enrollment allotment:

At least 6,000 semester-equivalency public school course enrollments statewide are available at no cost to divisions.

    • A school may enroll each secondary student in 1 or more individual semester-equivalency courses (0.5 credit each). A full-time secondary student is enrolled in 10 or more semester-equivalency courses (0.5 credit each, for a total of 5 credits).
    • Each Virginia public school may enroll up to 15 students per semester-equivalent course with no enrollment fees. All Virtual Virginia enrollments are provided on a first-come, first-served basis pending available openings in each course. 
    • If a Virginia public school wishes to enroll more than 15 students in one course, or if the semester-equivalency of free enrollments has been met, the school may enroll via the fee schedule below.

If a division’s needs exceed the statewide free allotment items listed above, the following fee schedule, based on a school division’s local composite index (LCI), will be implemented to serve additional enrollments:

Grades 6–12 Semester Enrollment Fees (Per Student, Per Course)





2020–2022 LCI


Semester (0.5 cr)




*Virginia private school, homeschooled, out-of-state, and international enrollments

Textbooks and other materials are the responsibility of the local school division.

Virginia Private School, Homeschooled, Out-of-State, and International Students

Textbooks, fees, and other materials are the responsibility of the enrolling party.

Enrollment fees for the 2021–2022 academic year are due prior to the course start date and must be made online by debit/credit card (Visa, Mastercard, or Discover). Failure to pay enrollment fees may result in the withdrawal of the student(s) from their respective courses. If the matter is referred for collection to an attorney or to a collection agency, then the debtor will be liable for attorney’s fees or additional collection fees of the unpaid balance. Enrollment in Virtual Virginia is deemed to be acceptance of these terms.

Refund Policy*

No 2021–2022 enrollment fee will be refunded after 30 calendar days following the course start dateEnrollment fee payments are the responsibility of the enrolling party. Students are not considered officially withdrawn from a course until they are removed from the Virtual Virginia registration system by the local school or by VVA administration. If a student is withdrawn from the course(s) before 30 calendar days following the course start date, contact Cynthia Evans to request a refund of the enrollment fee(s). Enrollment fees are not automatically refunded.

*Applies only to Virginia private school, homeschooled, out-of-state, and international students

For questions concerning Virtual Virginia enrollment fees and refunds, contact the VVA Main Office at main.office@virtualva.org or 866-650-0025.

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