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Asynchronous Program

Note: The following information pertains to the 2020–2021 pilot programs. Information regarding the 2021–2022 asynchronous program will be provided soon.

3–5 Asynchronous Pilot Program 

Virtual Virginia provides asynchronous instructional support to public school students in grades 3–5. Content can be accessed online or offline.

Students may participate in one of two options:

  • Cohort A
    • VVA provides asynchronous content for credit with paced delivery.
    • This cohort is designed for independent learners in grades 3–5.
    • Max 75 per grade level.
    • Enrollment deadline: Friday, January 15
  • Cohort B
    • VVA provides asynchronous enrichment content as a supplement to public school division offerings. This is not meant to reteach content but rather to reinforce and enrich grade-level curricula.
    • Max 25 per grade level.
    • Enrollment deadline: Friday, January 29

Virtual Virginia provides:

  • Full-Time Teacher of Record (Cohort A only)
  • Some Synchronous/QA Sessions (Cohort A only)
  • Asynchronous Course Content
  • Teacher-Created Content
  • Office Hours for Parents/Guardians
  • Division Autonomy

Enrollment Fees

The 3–5 Asynchronous Pilot Program is offered at no cost to pilot schools and divisions. No enrollment fees apply.

3–5 Asynchronous Content Release

Virtual Virginia provides asynchronous enrichment content for grades 3–5 via the VVA Outreach Program, at no cost to Virginia public school divisions.

Learn more about the VVA Outreach Program.

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