Virtual Virginia

Mentors’ Role with Virtual Virginia

Virtual Virginia Mentors provide instrumental support for Virtual Virginia students.

This tutorial provides instructions on how to monitor each student’s progress in our learning management system.

VVA Mentors are responsible for:

  • Monitoring student progress and needs through daily contact with students taking Virtual Virginia courses
  • Monitoring classroom activities and progress of students taking Virtual Virginia classes within the school
  • Serving as a liaison between the student, the school and Virtual Virginia instructors and supervisors regarding student performance and progress
  • Proctoring tests and examinations on school grounds
  • Collecting student forms required by Virtual Virginia
  • Working with the local technology staff to ensure that all students have access to the appropriate technology
  • Retrieving and providing the school with student grades on locally designated dates. Grades are obtained through the online grade book
  • Notifying counselors immediately of any students’ intent to withdraw from Virtual Virginia courses. Withdrawals must occur within 21 calendar days of the start of the course to avoid the administrative fee. Students must continue to submit work until withdrawal is processed or the grade may be negatively affected.