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VDOE Professional Learning

Project-Based Approaches

In this facilitator-led course, teachers explore characteristics and benefits of project-based approaches (PBA) using specific classroom scenarios. Participants will receive instructions prior to the beginning of each session providing support and feedback. Throughout the course, teachers consider their own teaching practices and ways that technology supports PBA. Planning and project design modules guide teachers through organizing the curriculum, the classroom, technology, and students for successful technology-supported projects. The assessment module demonstrates strategies for assessing students’ life readiness skills throughout an open-ended project. The course offers opportunities to apply PBA concepts with action-planning exercises.

Collaboration in the Digital Classroom

This interactive e-learning experience offers an in-depth look at collaboration, with a focus on online collaborative tools. In this course, teachers see how collaboration helps students develop life readiness skills, deepen content understanding, and prepare them for the global world. Teachers learn how to plan and manage collaboration activities that integrate online collaborative tools that are increasingly part of our globally connected workplaces. They follow two teachers as they implement collaborative experiences in their classrooms. The course offers opportunities to apply the collaboration concepts with action-planning exercises.

Designing Blended Learning

This interactive e-learning experience will help teachers develop an understanding of blended learning, including what it is and how it benefits students. Through many examples, they will consider how to create blended learning experiences for their students and what to address when designing these experiences. In addition, they will see how technology tools can foster collaboration while delivering engaging instructional content. They will also learn strategies for assessing students and managing a blended learning classroom.

Assessment in 21st-Century Classrooms

This interactive e-learning experience offers an in-depth look at assessment that meets the needs of 21st-century teaching and learning. In this course, teachers see how assessment strategies can benefit their teaching practices and their students’ learning. They learn how to plan, develop, and manage student-centered assessment. They follow three teachers and see how the three teachers are implementing embedded and ongoing assessment methods in their classrooms. The course offers opportunities to apply the assessment concepts with action-planning exercises.

Thinking Critically with Data

This interactive e-learning course examines critical thinking with a focus on data analysis in our information-rich world. In this course, teachers explore practical skills and strategies to draw on when teaching students to think critically about the information around them. Teachers will understand how to design student projects and assessments that address critical thinking skills when collecting and analyzing data. Additionally, they will see how technology can support students’ collection, organization, and presentation of data. The course also offers practical tips for implementing projects that ask students to think critically with data.

Inquiry in the Science Classroom

This interactive e-learning experience is intended for new and veteran science teachers of students in grades 3–8 (ages 8–14). In this course, teachers will build a foundation for scientific inquiry. They will explore the rationale and research basis, common misconceptions, and specific strategies for incorporating scientific inquiry into science learning, regardless of the science discipline. The course explains and demonstrates the Scientific Inquiry Phases with relevant classroom examples. In addition, teachers will learn best practices for improving scientific inquiry through interactive activities.

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