Virtual Virginia

Virtual Virginia Professional Development Offerings

Professional Development for Teachers in the Outreach Program

Ongoing professional development is available at no cost to Virginia public school teachers of math, science, computer science, and economics and personal finance who participate in the VVA Outreach Program:

  • LMS utilization training
  • Teacher facilitation support and best practices for blended learning
  • Professional learning network of content-area Virginia public educators

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Teaching Online with VVA

  • This 3-week course is recommended for K-12 teachers interested in pursuing teaching online with Virtual Virginia. Course content explores online teaching methods, reviews national standards of quality for online teachers, and provides practical experience with LMS tools.

Registration for the July 2019 cohort (July 15–August 2, 2019) has ended.

Check back August 1, 2019, for details about upcoming cohorts.

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