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03004 Earth Science II: Astronomy

Field of Study

This course studies the universe, solar system, stars, the planets and other celestial objects.

Material Covered

Astronomy consists of 5 units of study. The five units are:

  • Module 1: Earth Science Review
  • Module 2: The Sky
  • Module 3: Light and Tools
  • Module 4: The Sun and the Stars
  • Module 5: Our Solar System

In Module 1, the topics include the Earth’s position in the solar system in relation to the sun and moon as well as solar system characteristics. In Module 2, the focus is shifted skyward toward stars, constellations and celestial coordinates. Module 3 transitions into some of the tools of astronomy such as telescopes and how light is studied using those telescopes. Module 4 discusses stars and our sun in detail. The course finishes with Module 5 and an in-depth discussion of the planets and other celestial objects in our soar system.

Student Expectations

Students will be expected to complete various research projects as well as online lab investigations. A majority of the work is research based with limited math or physics.


  • Successful completion of Earth Science

Course Texts and Materials


  • Access to a calculator
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