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03005 Earth Science II: Oceanography

Field of Study

In this online course, you will gain an understanding of oceanography through media-rich interactivities, videos, collaborative discussions, hands-on applications, scientific investigations, and real-world projects.

Material Covered

In this oceanography course, you will take a journey through our ocean world. The planet earth is approximately 71% ocean water so it is time you learned about the amazing ocean. Oceanography is a discipline of science that records and describes the features of the oceans. Unlike your typical science of geology, biology, chemistry, and physics, oceanography uses a different approach and is a combination of these four sciences in the ocean realm. However, oceanography also involves engineering to develop devices that will take scientists to the depths and everywhere underwater.

Student Expectations

In this course, students will be expected to participate in various web based interactivities as well as discussion boards, quizzes and tests.

Related Requirements

This course meets the Virginia Department of Education standards for an advanced diploma and is categorized as a course in the discipline of Earth Sciences.


  • Successful completion of Earth Science I

Course Texts and Materials

  • No textbook is required.
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