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04101 Virginia & U.S. History

Field of Study

The goal of this course is to provide an overview of Virginia and United States history, from exploration and colonization to the present day. This course covers extensive material that correlates to the Virginia Standards of Learning. Throughout the course, students actively interact with the course content and display their knowledge through a variety of assignments and interactions with their peers.

Material Covered

Students will develop their analytical and research skills as they develop a greater understanding of our nation’s political, economic, and social foundations. There are ten content modules in the course:

  • Module 1: Discovery & the Connecting of Two Worlds (1492-1607)
  • Module 2: Colonial Period in America (1607-1763)
  • Module 3:The American Revolution and Early Self-Government (1763-1801)
  • Module 4: Growth and Change of a New Nation (1801-1860)
  • Module 5: The Antebellum Period, Civil War, and Reconstruction (1840-1877)
  • Module 6: The Gilded Age, Industrialization, and the Western Frontier (1868-1898)
  • Module 7, Imperialism, WWI, the Jazz Age, and the Great Depression (1890-1939)
  • Module 8, WWII, the Korean War, and the Origins of the Cold War (1939-1953)
  • Module 9: The Cold War, Civil Rights, Vietnam War, and post-WWII Culture (1945-1979)
  • Module 10: Modern US History (1980-present)

Student Expectations

Students will complete a variety of homework assignments and required readings for each module. They will participate in discussion boards. Students will read both the free online textbook and the course content as they complete the required course assignments. This course contains a mix of writing, multiple-choice, and other assignments. Students are expected to complete all coursework according to the schedule posted by the instructor. Students should plan on several hours per week of work outside of the regular school day. All students must complete a final exam at the end of the course.

Additional Information

Virginia and U.S. History offers students the opportunity to think about our past in a new way and to better understand how yesterday’s actions will impact the present and future. In addition to preparing students for the Virginia’s SOL test in U.S. History, this course will also help students in better developing their research, writing, and analytical skills, which will serve them academically and in their future careers.

Related Requirements

At the conclusion of the course, students will be prepared to take the Virginia & U.S. History SOL test and are expected but not required to do so.


  • Required: Enrollment in grades 9–12
  • Recommended: Completion of a high school-level World History course

Course Texts and Materials

  • No textbook is required, but we recommend that students utilize the free online U.S. History text that is accessible from the course website.
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