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1171 Creative Writing

Field of Study

Creative Writing offers a broad survey of both fictional and nonfictional forms of writing, writing techniques and skills, and lots of practice with the various forms, including original writings, peer review, and revision.

Material Covered

The modules of Creative Writing each focus on a different form of writing. We begin in module 1 and 2 with autobiographical writing, including reading examples and practice. We then look at what makes writing more vibrant – imagery, metaphor, dialogue, and description – while again creating original work and learning about peer review and revising. Modules 3 and 4 focus specifically on poetry and drama. Second semester begins with fiction writing in module 5, then essay – nonfiction creative writing in module 6, and finally in module 7 we explore digital storytelling. Throughout the course students keep journals, participate in discussions and writer’s groups, and peer review. The final module results in a student portfolio of work, which includes reflections on the writing process, a biography and revised student work.

Student Expectations

Students are expected to fully participate in all discussions and peer reviews, as well as complete assigned work on time. Students are also required to make designated phone calls to discuss various projects and writing assignments prior to writing.

Unique Traits

Creative writing is a bit different from other courses in that students create their own work from ideas and other sources of inspiration. This is not always easy. It’s important to be in touch with the teacher and to keep on pace, especially if feeling “blocked.” There is always a way!


  • None

Course Texts and Materials


  • The only required reading not provided is The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams. This is widely available in public and school libraries.