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24114 AP French Language & Culture

Field of Study

Advanced Placement French provides opportunities for students to communicate in the target language in real-life settings, while demonstrating an understanding of the culture, incorporating interdisciplinary topics and comparing their own lives to lives of native French speakers.

Material Covered

Interpersonal, Interpretive and Presentational communication as defined in the Standards for Foreign Language Learning in the 21st Century are foundational to the AP® French Language and Culture course. Coursework provides students with opportunities to demonstrate their proficiency in each of the three modes in the intermediate to pre-advanced range as described in the ACTFL Performance Guidelines for K–12 Learners. Each activity emphasizes a sub-topic that falls under one of the six AP themes: Family and Community, Global Challenges, Science and Technology, Contemporary Life, Beauty and Aesthetics, as well as Personal and Public Identities.

Student Expectations

In order to be successful, students who enroll in this course must already have a very good command of the French grammar and considerable competence in listening, reading, speaking and writing the French language. Throughout the course students and teachers will be expected to communicate completely in French, and advanced activities include in depth cultural comparisons and persuasive essays.

Additional Information

Students are expected to take the AP French Language and Culture exam in the spring, but it is not a requirement. All students must take the course final exam at the end of the course.


Students should have successfully completed four years prior to taking this course. It is imperative that students have a good foundation in listening, writing, speaking, and understanding spoken and written French. Exclusive use of French by teacher and students for active communication is de rigueur in this course.

Course Texts and Materials

Students use the following primary textbooks and other authentic materials and resources that are in accordance with those suggested on the College Board website.

  • Thèmes
    Vista Higher Learning ISBN: 978-1-68004-027-2
    Geneviève Delfosse, Eliane Kurbegov and Parthena Draggett
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