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24343 Latin II

Field of Study

This course is a continuation of Latin I. Students will review and build on skills such as vocabulary, grammar, translation and culture.

Material Covered

In Latin II, the reading includes translations about the culture of ancient Rome, Roman history stories of famous men and their exploits, Roman legends and myths. Continued emphasis on grammar, vocabulary and grammatical constructions build on Latin I knowledge and each area progresses as more advanced grammar is introduced. One of the goals in Latin II is true rendering of Latin passages into English that relays the sense of the Latin. Vocabulary and derivative study supports translations and builds on what was learned in Latin I. Grammar is reviewed, and more advanced grammar is introduced, practiced and incorporated into the assignments.

Student Expectations

Students will complete assigned work in the order of the course according to the weekly due dates assigned by the instructor. Work completed after the weekly assigned due dates will be penalized unless there are extreme circumstances (medical, hospitalization, etc.) and a request by the counselor or principal is required.

  • Students are expected to work 6 -10 hours per week on the assignments with daily review of vocabulary and grammar in addition to assignments.
  • Internet access outside of school is necessary for most students to complete the work each week. Work at home is allowed and encouraged. If home internet is not available, libraries or alternate locations are needed for work not completed at school.
  • Students are also expected to keep a notebook throughout the year and to hand write grammar, vocabulary and culture notes in the sections of the notebook.
  • Participation in live sessions, which are assigned periodically in the course, is mandatory. Audio capability is required for participation. This means using a headset or built in microphone and speakers in the computer.

It is highly recommended that students have a strong knowledge of grammar and vocabulary as well as good listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in Latin I. The VA Board of Education has approved Latin II as a course to satisfy the graduation requirements for an advanced studies diploma. Please refer to the following requirements: http://www.doe.virginia.gov/instruction/graduation/approved_courses.pdf


  • Completion of Latin I.
  • It is recommended that the completed Latin I course grade be a “C” or above.
  • The following are areas that should be covered in Latin I prior to online Latin II:
    • Nouns: 1st and 2nd declensions (m, f, n) with some work with 3rd declension (m, f, n – regular); derivatives
    • Adjectives: 1-2 adjectives, positive degree
    • Pronouns: ego, nos, tu, vos
    • Verbs: all six tenses, active and passive; present infinitive; 1C, 2C, 3C, 4C verbs; irregular verb sum and possum.
    • Adverbs: positive degree
    • Vocabulary: parts of nouns, gender, definitions, derivatives; verb parts, conjugation, definitions, derivatives; parts of speech
    • Culture: overview of Roman Empire; map of Italy; the Forum; 12 Olympians; Roman roads
    • Latin phrases: tempus fugit; A.D. (anno domini); cave canem; etc. (et cetera)
    • Translation: translation passages that incorporate the above grammar and vocabulary into good English; translation from English into Latin.

Course Texts and Materials

  • Latin II is a self-contained course. No book or outside resource is required.


This dictionary is available in many bookstores and there are various editions. The more recent editions have great grammar sections. However, Latin has not changed a lot in the past twelve hundred years and the older editions are great resources for Latin word definitions

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