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24345 Latin IV

Field of Study

Latin IV is an advanced course in Latin. The Latin authors Livy, Vergil and Catullus with a concentration on the poetic work, the Aeneid, are covered in Latin IV.

Material Covered

Topics covered in Latin IV not only include reading and comprehension of original Latin works, but also review of grammar, literary devices and rhetorical devices, reading Latin and scansion.

Students will review grammar covered in previous years, such as nouns of five declensions, irregular nouns, verb tenses in the indicative, subjunctive and imperative as well as verb forms including participles and infinitives. A focus of assignments is translation of the original works, which are poetry and require advanced translation skills.

Student Expectations

  • Students are expected to work 6 -10 hours per week with daily work on course assignments.
  • Internet access outside of school is necessary for most students to complete the work each week. Work at home is allowed and encouraged. If home internet is not available, libraries or alternate locations are needed for work not completed at school.
  • Students are also expected to participate in live sessions, which are assigned periodically in the course. Audio capability is mandatory for participation. This means using a headset or built in microphone and speakers in the computer.

It is highly recommended that students have a strong knowledge of grammar and vocabulary as well as good listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in Latin III. The VA Board of Education has approved Latin IV as a course to satisfy the graduation requirements for an advanced studies diploma. Please refer to the following requirements: http://www.doe.virginia.gov/instruction/graduation/approved_courses.pdf


  • Successful completion of Latin ILatin II, and Latin III is required.
  • It is recommended that the completed Latin III course grade be a “C” or above.
  • The following are areas that should be covered in Latin III and earlier courses prior to online Latin IV:
    • Nouns: Nouns of all five declensions, noun cases and uses, some irregular nouns.
    • Adjectives: 1-2 adjectives and 3rd adjectives in all three degrees.
    • Pronouns: ego, nos, tu, vos, ipse, se, is, qui and quis.
    • Verbs: all six tenses, active and passive; present infinitive; 1C, 2C, 3C, 4C verbs; irregular verbs sum, possum, fero, volo, nolo; deponent and semi-deponent verbs. Familiarity with the moods of verbs: indicative, subjunctive and imperative. Verbals, such as participles, infinitives, gerunds and gerundives, should have been studied.
    • Adverbs: in all three degrees degree
    • Vocabulary: parts of nouns, gender, definitions, derivatives; verb parts, conjugation, definitions, derivatives; parts of speech
    • Culture: general history of Rome, mythology and aspects of Roman life (roads, Roman cities, homes, marriage, etc.) and some knowledge of the Trojan War.
    • Translation: translation passages that incorporate the above grammar and vocabulary into good English; translation from English into Latin.

Course Texts and Materials


  • Selections from Vergil’s Aeneid by Hall, McKay, Harrison
    ISBN 9780582367494
    Pearson Publishing


This dictionary is available in many bookstores and there are various editions. The more recent editions have great grammar sections. However, Latin has not changed a lot in the past twelve hundred years and the older editions are great resources for Latin word definitions.

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