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24414 AP Chinese Language & Culture

Field of Study

Chinese AP Chinese Language and Culture is a full-year course that refines and further develops students’ proficiency in Chinese oral and formal written communication.

Material Covered

This course consists of ten modules in which students build upon the knowledge and skills gained in Chinese IV. Students begin the course with a content review module, reviewing some Chinese culture lessons from the Chinese IV course by completing a 2-minute speaking presentation. There are eleven Modules in the course along with projects to advance students’ learning: Module 1: Overview of AP course and Exam, Module 2: School and work, Module 3: Arts and Entertainment, Module 4: Hobbies, Habits and Customs, Module 5: Review of vocabulary, grammar points, and cultural perspectives, Module 6: Science and technology 7: Chinese Studies, Module 8: Business and Commerce, Module 9 and 10: A final Review Module prepares students for the AP exam.

Student Expectations

Students will complete a variety of assignments including listening, speaking, reading and writing for each module. They will participate in written discussion boards and have at least one graded, spoken/ written assignment or quiz each week. We are a deadline-driven course and students are expected to complete assignments by the due dates posted in the course. There are late penalties on all late work. Students should study vocabulary on a daily basis for 30 minutes, and students can expect to work 10 hours per week on the course, including work outside the school day. All students must complete the final exam at the end of the course. Vacation weeks like Spring Break may not necessarily correspond to individual school calendars, and students need to plan accordingly to complete their assigned work on time.

Additional Information

The school ensures that each student has a copy of the texts utilized in the course for use in-and-outside of the classroom, and has access to an in-school computer capable of inputting and displaying Chinese characters. The school facilitates student use, outside of instructional time, of in-school or public library computers capable of inputting and displaying Chinese characters.

Related Requirements

Please refer to this link for additional requirements.


Students must have a strong knowledge of grammar and vocabulary as well as good listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Instruction and written and verbal communication will be conducted almost exclusively in Chinese. Successful completion of Chinese I, Chinese II, Chinese III, and Chinese IV is required. Native speakers of Chinese and advanced students upon completion of Chinese III can be assessed for placement.

Course Texts and Materials

  • Integrated Chinese, Level 2 Part 1, 3rd edition (Simplified & Traditional)
    Cheng & Tsui Publisher
  • Integrated Chinese, Level 2 Part 2, 3rd edition (Simplified & Traditional)
    Cheng & Tsui Publisher
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