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24753 Arabic II

Field of Study

The Arabic II course builds on the basic topics covered in Arabic I, and students should have a good foundation in the Arabic language. This course consists of oral and written practice, as well as topics in vocabulary, grammar and culture. While speaking and listening skills continue to be emphasized, students will also increase reading and writing skills. Students will begin to communicate more fluently in Arabic, by learning and practicing more advanced concepts in grammar and vocabulary.

Material Covered

This course consists of an introductory module and 8 content modules, covering different skills and vocabulary. The introductory module reviews concepts and vocabulary from Arabic I. This includes school subjects, learning about the Arabic schooling system, and comparing this system with the American one. Students will expand their knowledge of demonstratives, prepositions and possessives. They will study occupations and different places in the city. Grammar topics will expand on previous skills such as learning verb tenses and negating nominal sentences. Students will learn the days of the week, how to tell time, Arabic holidays and the grammar structure of Arabic. Students will learn how to form questions and answers in more detail using adjectives. Additional topics include learning about food, weather and the four seasons, and Arabic currencies. The final module discusses hobbies and sports alongside learning how to read, write, comprehend, communicate and make connections.

Student Expectations

Students must learn lesson vocabulary to build sentences for use in a variety of situations. Students should also master Arabic grammar in order to be able to develop structurally-appropriate sentences.

Additional Information

Several beginning grammar structures are introduced in the lessons, and students will discover that Arabic grammar is similar to structures used in mathematics.

Related Requirements

Students are expected to dedicate time both in-and-outside of class to mastering the course material. The Arabic II course satisfies the graduation requirements for an Advanced Studies diploma. Please refer to the following requirements: http://www.doe.virginia.gov/instruction/graduation/approved_courses.pdf


  • Successful completion of Arabic I

Course Texts and Materials

  • All course materials are provided within the online course.
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