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24754 Arabic III

Field of Study

The Arabic III course builds on the topics covered in previous courses to deepen students’ knowledge of the Arabic language and cultures. Students will expand their learning of different geographical areas, grammar, vocabulary, writing, and comprehension. Students will learn more about Arabic cultures and the impact of Arabs and Muslims in human civilization.

Material Covered

The course is comprised of 8 content modules. The introductory module reviews major grammar skills learned in previous courses. Module 1 teaches students about restaurants and hospitality in the Arab World, along with advanced grammar rules and skills. In Module 2, the student will learn about Arabic clothing and the way the Arabic people dress in comparison to Americans. They will be introduced to new vocabulary and grammar skills, while expanding on previous rules, such as noun–adjective agreement. In Module 3, students will be taught body parts and basic health terms, and learn good manners to use when visiting a sick person. Module 5 will teach students the cultural aspects in marriages and how to create an invitation to a party. Module 6 will cover animals, such as the Arabian horse. Module 7 discusses houses and furniture, alongside corresponding grammar. Lastly, Module 8 will cover transportation.

Student Expectations

Students should have a strong knowledge of the content from Arabic II in order to continue to a higher level in learning the language. They should also dedicate time both in and outside of class to studying vocabulary and grammar rules as well as practicing writing paragraphs on a given topic. It is highly recommend that students complete all assignments on time according to the course calendar. Students need a quiet environment to complete the speaking and listening assignments, as well as access to a phone to contact the instructor for oral quizzes and any kind of assistance.

Additional Information

Students will need to dedicate 6-10 hours to studying the material, practicing writing, and learning the vocabulary on a weekly basis. Following successful completion of this course, students will be prepared to take Arabic 2 or Arabic 3 in college.

Related Requirements

This is an advanced course and it is highly recommended that students have a strong foundation in grammar, speaking, reading and writing Arabic. The Arabic 3 course satisfies the graduation requirements for an Advanced Studies diploma. Please refer to the following requirements: http://www.doe.virginia.gov/instruction/graduation/approved_courses.pdf


  • Successful completion of Arabic II (recommended course grade “C” and above). Students should have a strong foundation in all learning areas such as writing, speaking, reading and comprehension of Arabic.

Course Texts and Materials

  • All course materials are provided within the online course.
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