Virtual Virginia

2900 Psychology

Field of Study

Psychology, the science of human behavior and mental processes, is a .5 credit course designed to give students an overview of psychology as a science, career and college major. Affectionately referred to as “PSYCH LITE,” this course serves as an excellent introduction to the discipline.

Material Covered

There are 5 modules in this course. Topics covered include the history and founding fathers of the science, mental disorders, stress and therapy. Additional topics include sensation and perception, sleep and dreaming. Humans spend almost 1/3r of their life in a sleep state so an informed person should know what happens in this altered state. Students really enjoy learning about the human brain/neuroanatomy as well as our memory functions and structures. This course does not cover as much material as AP Psychology but is a good introduction that will lay the framework for future study in the discipline.

Student Expectations

Because this course only lasts 18 weeks, the workload is fast-paced in order to finish all five modules in one semester. Students will earn .5 credits for this course.

Additional Information

As a half-year, one semester course, Psychology through Virtual Virginia gives students a quick and interesting opportunity to explore topics that may be of personal interest and provide insight into a possible college major/minor.

Virtual Psychology is a self-contained; therefore, this course has NO textbook. However, students will be directed to off-site review materials, self-checks and related video materials. Traditionally, many students continue their study in the discipline, in high school or college, with either AP Psychology (VVA offers) or Introduction to Psychology at the collegiate level.

Related Requirements

This is an excellent introductory course to the second most common major at colleges and universities today: Psychology. The only requirement is that students read the course content carefully to learn the material. Additionally, staying current with the course “NEWS ITEMS” and calendar are essential for success.


  • None

Course Texts and Materials

  • No textbook is required! This course is completely self-contained. All reading materials and relevant websites are contained within our course shell.