Virtual Virginia

3135 Algebra II

Field of Study

A thorough treatment of advanced algebraic concepts will be provided through the study of functions, equations, inequalities, systems of equations, polynomials, rational and radical equations, complex numbers, and sequences and series.

Material Covered

Emphasis will be placed on practical applications and modeling throughout the course of study. Oral and written communication concerning the language of algebra, logic of procedures, and interpretation of results should also permeate the course. These standards include a transformational approach to graphing functions. Transformational graphing uses translation, reflection, dilation, and rotation to generate a “family of functions” from a given “parent” function and builds a strong connection between algebraic and graphic representations of functions. Students will vary the coefficients and constants of an equation, observe the changes in the graph of the equation, and make generalizations that can be applied to many graphs.

Student Expectations

Students will learn the standards through pre-recorded videos, live presentations, and online textbooks. Practice and implementation of the standards will be through written and online assessments, oral exams, and group work.


Graphing utilities (calculators, computers, and other technology tools) will be used to assist in teaching and learning. Graphing utilities facilitate visualizing, analyzing, and understanding algebraic and statistical behaviors and provide a powerful tool for solving and verifying solutions.

Related Requirements

An end-of-course Standard of Learning (SOL) assessment will be given to test for successful mastery of the course objectives. The exam will be administered at the student’s home school.


  • Students enrolled in Algebra II are assumed to have mastered those concepts outlined in the Algebra I standards.

Course Texts and Materials

  • Graphing Calculator: TI-82, TI-83, TI-83 Plus, TI-84 Plus, or TI-Nspire
  • Notebook for organization, note taking, and assignments
  • Printer
  • Means of sending documents digitally via scanner, phone, or tablet