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3150 Trigonometry

Field of Study

Trigonometry studies the relationships of angles on a coordinate graph. This course will provide the needed material to prepare a student for study in upper level Mathematics courses, such as Pre-Calculus and Calculus.

Topics Covered

Trigonometry includes the study of trigonometric definitions, applications, graphing, and solving trigonometric equations and inequalities. Students will identify and use connections between right triangle ratios, trigonometric functions, and circular functions. Students will communicate their work and reasoning with appropriate mathematical language and use this language and reasoning to complete applications.

Student Expectations

  • Students will use a combination of instructional methods (written and/or video) to apply the Trigonometric rules and properties in order to 1) solve, 2) simplify, or 3) provide proof of mathematical truth for a given equation or expression.
  • Students are expected to read all lessons, watch all videos, and attend any live sessions that they are able to and put honest effort into completing the assigned work.
  • Students are expected to initiate contact with their instructor if/when they do not understand something about the content.

Related Requirements

This course will cover the standards set forth by the Virginia Department of Education in the 2016 Trigonometry Standards.


Students enrolled in this course are required to have shown mastery of the standards for Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry.

Note: Students planning on enrolling in an advanced Algebra course past Algebra II may not need to enroll in this course, as the Trigonometry content is often covered within these courses. Please review course descriptions and check with your counselor for more information.

Course Texts and Materials