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3162 Pre-Calculus/Mathematical Analysis

Field of Study

This course is focused on building mathematical understanding. Students are required to understand the underlying reasons behind the necessary procedures and skills required to solve diverse types of problems. This course is designed to develop mathematical knowledge conceptually, allowing students to connect topics and representations throughout the course.

Material Covered

Pre-Calculus/Mathematical Analysis develops students’ understanding of algebraic and transcendental functions, parametric and polar equations, sequences and series, and vectors. The content of this course serves as appropriate preparation for a calculus course.

Student Expectations

Students will complete a variety of assignments, including discussion board assignments in which they will be expected to communicate mathematically using correct mathematical notation.

Related Requirements

This course meets the Virginia Standards of Learning for Mathematical Analysis.


  • Students enrolled in Mathematical Analysis are assumed to have mastered Geometry and Algebra II concepts.

Course Texts and Materials


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