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4310 Biology I

Field of Study

Biology is the detailed study of living systems that applies skills to examine alternative scientific explanations, actively conduct controlled experiments, analyze and communicate information, and gather and use information in scientific literature. 

Material Covered

In this course, emphasis is given to the history of biological thought. The evidence that supports biological thought are explored, providing the foundation for investigating biochemical life processes, cellular organization, mechanisms of inheritance, dynamic relationships among organisms, and the change in organisms through time. The importance of scientific research that validates or challenges ideas is emphasized at this level. 

Student Expectations

Students are encouraged to share their ideas, use the language of chemistry, discuss problem-solving techniques, and communicate effectively. Student work will be required outside of class time.

Related Requirements

The Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) has approved Biology I as a course to satisfy graduation requirements.

Students will take the end-of-course Biology SOL test, as arranged by the student’s local school. A qualifying score allows a verified credit per the VDOE.


  • Decided by the local school district

Course Texts and Materials


  • None. All texts and materials are available within the online course environment.
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