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4410 Chemistry I

Field of Study

Chemistry is the detailed study of the interaction of matter and energy that applies analytical investigation, observation, experimentation, models, evidence, and systematic processes to the manipulation of chemical quantities and problem solving applications in various earth science, life science, and other physical science fields of study.

Material Covered

In this course, emphasis is given to qualitative and quantitative study while students explore: Scientific Investigations; Atomic Structure and Periodic Relationships; Chemical Formulas and Reactions; Molar Relationships; and Phases of Matter and Kinetic Molecular Theory.

Student Expectations

Students are encouraged to share their ideas, use the language of chemistry, discuss problem-solving techniques, and communicate effectively. Student work will be required outside of class time.

Additional Information

During the course, students will participate in virtual interactive chemistry laboratory experiences tailored to high school level chemistry to enhance the learning experience.

The VA Board of Education has approved Chemistry I: Honors as a course to satisfy graduation requirements. Please refer to the following requirements:

Following this course, students take the end-of-course Virginia Chemistry Standards of Learning (SOL) testas arranged by the student’s local school. A qualifying score allows a verified credit per the VDOE.


  • Students should be enrolled in or have successfully completed Algebra I (required)

Course Texts and Materials


  • Chemistry: Matter and Change ©2013
    McGraw Hill Education
    ISBN-13: 9780078964053 hardcopy or ISBN-13: 9780078964091 e-book


  • scientific calculator to include features for: scientific notation, exponential functions, parentheses, and logarithmic functions