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4420 Chemistry II

Field of Study

Chemistry builds upon the concepts and principles of the nature and reactivity of matter as covered in Chemistry I and pursues studies to solve both qualitative and quantitative chemical problems with deeper exploration of how chemical structure relates to physical and chemical properties.

Material Covered

In this course, emphasis is given to chemical calculations and mathematical formulation of principles while students examine the molecular composition of common substances and learn to predictably transform them through chemical reactions.

Student Expectations

Students are encouraged to share ideas, use the language of chemistry, discuss problem-solving techniques, and communicate effectively. The course is designed to prepare students for further study in science, health sciences, or engineering. Student work will be required outside of class time.

Additional Information

During the course, students will participate in virtual interactive chemistry laboratory experiences tailored to college-level general chemistry to enhance the learning experience.

The Virginia Board of Education has approved Chemistry II as a course to satisfy graduation requirements.


  • Chemistry I or Chemistry 1 Honors (honors level recommended)
  • Successful completion of Algebra II (required)

Course Texts and Materials



  • scientific calculator to include features for: scientific notation, exponential functions, parentheses, and logarithmic functions
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