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5010 Arabic I

Field of Study

This course is an introduction to the Arabic language for students with no prior knowledge of the language. Students will learn the communication skills for speaking, reading, writing and comprehending Arabic, in accordance with the national standards for teaching foreign languages.

Material Covered

This course is developed in a spiral method that focuses on helping students understand general meaning, starting with the alphabet and essential letter sounds and formations. Topics include greetings, numbers, school, family, household, days of the week, colors, and hobbies. “Virtual field trips” to Arabic countries will prompt the students to learn more about the Arabic culture.

Student Expectations

Students must practice writing, learn the vocabulary, listen to audio, and watch videos on a daily basis. Course assignments will include writing, speaking (via recordings), and a variety of interactive activities. Additionally, students must have a notebook to maintain their work throughout the course. Students should plan on spending 6–10 hours weekly outside of class to practice Arabic language skills.

By the end of this course, students will be able to write short sentences on assigned topics and hold brief conversations, asking questions and greeting others in Arabic. The instructor will be available during office hours to assist students who may have difficulty with class materials.

Additional Information

The Arabic language is different but not difficult. There is a high correspondence between the sounds and the symbols about 98 percent of the time. Therefore, mastering the consonants and sounds of the Arabic language is imperative.

Related Requirements

The Arabic I course satisfies the graduation requirements for an Advanced Studies diploma.


  • None

Course Texts and Materials

  • None; all course materials are provided within the online course.
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