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5140 French IV

Field of Study

French IV students continue to build on the skills from the first three levels of their study of French by developing and refining the five major language skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing, and cultural competency. 

Material Covered

Students will study the richness of French history, art and culture, while expanding vocabulary, communication, and grammar skills. There are twelve content modules in the course along with projects to advance students’ learning:

  1. Prehistory
  2. Gaul to the Middle Ages
  3. The Middle Ages
  4. Ending of the Middle Ages and the Crusades
  5. The Renaissance through the 15th century
  6. The 17th century
  7. Tthe 18th century
  8. End of the 18th century
  9. The French Revolution
  10. Napoleon
  11. The 19th century
  12. The 20th century and the European Union

Student Expectations

Students will complete a variety of assignments, including vocabulary, reading, writing, listening, and speaking assignments for each module. They will participate in written, audio, and video discussion boards. Students are expected to speak and write French as much as possible. Students have at least one graded, spoken assignment each week. Students should study vocabulary on a daily basis for 10–15 minutes, and students can expect to work 6–10 hours per week on the course, including work outside the school day.

Additional Information

This is a modern language course, and students need to be able to complete speaking assessments in a quiet environment. Students also need access to a microphone and a headset or earbuds in order to do the listening and speaking activities that are required in the course. Access to a telephone is also helpful for speaking assessments. 

The French IV course satisfies the graduation requirements for an Advanced Studies diploma.


  • Required: Successful completion of French I, II, and III and enrollment in grades 9–12

Course Texts and Materials


  • Trésors du Temps, 3rd or 5th edition
    ISBN: 978-0078606557 / 978-0026766517
    Publisher: Glencoe Publishing
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