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5310 Latin I

Field of Study

Latin I is an introduction to the language, culture, and history of the ancient Romans.

Material Covered

The course focuses on Latin grammar, vocabulary, and translation, with minimal focus on history, culture, and pronunciation. Topics include: 

  • 1st declension and conjugation (present tense), introduction to the cases
  • More uses of the cases, 1st conjugation imperfect and future tenses, introduction to translation techniques
  • 2nd Declension, Ablative of Means, the Perfect Active System, and Translations
  • 2nd Conjugation Present and Perfect Active, Infinitive, Imperatives and Vocatives, Adjectives and Translations
  • Passive Voice Present System, Ablative of Agent, Questions, ER Adjectives, Adverbs and Translations
  • Perfect Passive System, Connectors, Appositives, Synopses, and Translations
  • 3rd Conjugation Active and Passive all Tenses. Idioms, 3d Declension, Translation of Eutropius’ 2nd Punic War
  • 4th Conjugation Active and Passive, Personal Pronouns

Student Expectations

Students will complete a variety of assignments, including vocabulary/grammar quizzes, translation work files, content connection discussions, translation quizzes and tests, and oral quizzes. Some assignments require students to connect Latin to other parts of their life and may have them take photos of houses/buildings in their communities. Students will also keep a handwritten notebook with all vocabulary and grammar notes. Students are expected to complete four assignments per week plus notebook entries.

Additional Information

Latin I offers a unique opportunity to appreciate the continued influence of the Roman world on our culture, language, history, and government.

The Virginia Board of Education has approved Latin I as a course to satisfy the graduation requirements for an advanced studies diploma.


  • Strongly recommended: Strong background in English grammar (knowledge of parts of an English sentence: subjects, direct and indirect objects, prepositional phrases, etc.)

Course Texts and Materials

  • None; all text and materials are provided in the online course environment.


  • Notebook for handwritten notes
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