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5700 Survey Of World Language And Culture

Field of Study

This course is designed to take students on a journey around the world discovering the cultures from a number of countries and four different languages: Chinese, French, Latin and Spanish.

Material Covered

Designed for the middle school student, this course prepares beginner students to undertake the expectations of high school-level world language courses and provides them with a high school elective credit upon successful completion. Every nine weeks the students will begin a new language of study with a highly qualified instructor for each content area. Course activities are designed to help students begin developing proficiency in communication and intercultural competence for each language studied.

Student Expectations

Students will complete a variety of assignments to develop interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational communication skills, as well work toward developing intercultural competence. They will participate in written, audio, and video discussion boards. Students should plan to review course concepts on a daily basis and can expect to work 4–6 hours per week on the course, including work outside the school day.

Additional Information

This is a modern language course, and students should plan to complete speaking assessments in a quiet environment. Students also need access to a microphone and a headset or earbuds in order to do the listening and speaking activities required in the course. Access to a telephone is also helpful for speaking assessments.


  • Enrolled in grades 6-12
  • Students have an interest in learning about different cultures.

Course Texts and Materials


  • There is no required textbook for this course.
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