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Online/Blended Courses

This page is under revision in preparation for the 2018–2019 academic year.

The Virginia Department of Education, with support from Virginia 529 and the Virginia Bankers Association Education Foundation, has developed an Economics and Personal Finance course that can be delivered as an online or a blended course. It is aligned with the Virginia Standards of Learning and fulfills the one-credit course requirement in Economics and Personal Finance.

Virginia public school divisions may choose to facilitate the course with a locally assigned teacher within Virtual Virginia’s learning management system at no cost. After the enrollment process is completed by the school counselor, Virtual Virginia provides learning management system training for division teachers through an online course facilitated by one of our experienced teachers; however, participating teachers should have experience teaching in an online or blended learning environment. Once the counselor adds a new teacher in Genius and uploads the students, the teacher will gain access to the training course.

 Enrollments for 2018-2019 will be accepted starting Friday, August 10, 2018.

Instructions for enrolling Virginia public school students and transferring between teachers at your school are listed below. These processes need to be completed by the guidance counselor at your local school that is assigned in our student information system, Genius. If you need to add students to a teacher’s course at a later time complete the same bulk enrollment process using a data file with just the new students.

To begin using this program at your school or if you have questions about the upload process, please have your school counselor contact the Virtual Virginia Registrar Tavy Young, 866-903-8194.

If you have any login issues please contact the VVA HelpDesk, 866-650-0027.

Instructions for uploading the bulk enrollment forms

  • Download the CSV (comma separated value) template file below and fill in the 4 columns for each student. The column headers must be exactly as listed in the template. You will need to create a file and upload it separately for each teacher.
    *Note: If you are using a Mac make sure you save the file in Windows Comma Separated format.

Download VVA_Local_Course_Upload_Template.csv

Example of what the headings should look like:









  1. Log in to Genius SIS with the local school counselor account that typically manages VVA enrollments.
  2. Click the Affiliation tab and then select your affiliation from the list.
  3. Click the ‘Bulk Import’ link from the list on the left side of the page.
  4. Use the dropdown list to select the course into which you are enrolling the students.
  5. Use the dropdown list to select the teacher for the students you are uploading.
    • If the teacher has not taught the local course before you will need to use the ‘Create new teacher’ link and fill out the user information on that page.
    • After you create the teacher you will then need to go back to step 2.
  6. Click the ‘Choose File’ button and find the file you saved in the CSV (comma separated value) format on your local computer and select it.
  7. Click the Preview button to verify that the data looks as it should.
  8. After verifying the data with Preview, complete step 6 again and click Upload. If uploading a large number of data records, it may take several minutes to receive a list of the successful uploads as well as any errors that occurred and why.
    • If you leave the page before the success/error list shows, the upload may not complete and you should repeat the process.
    • If there are errors, fix the issues listed and upload the file again.

Repeat these steps for each teacher. Once this process is complete, the counselor can click on the Sections tab in Genius and then click on the section to view the student’s username and password. If you have any login issues please contact the VVA HelpDesk, 866-650-0027.

Instructions for transferring students from one teacher’s section to another

*Before completing a transfer, ensure that the current teacher has copied down and shared all of the student’s grades with the teacher into which the student is transferring. That teacher will then need to manually enter the student’s grades into their course.
If this process is not followed, the school counselor will need to transfer the student(s) back to the original teacher, complete the grading process described, and then transfer them back again.

  1. Log in to Genius SIS with the local school counselor account that typically manages VVA enrollments.
  2. Click the Sections tab.
  3. Click on the section from which you want to transfer the student(s).
  4. Click the ‘Bulk transfer’ link on the left side of the page.
  5. In the ‘Step 1: Select destination section’ area select the teacher to transfer the students to and the section drop-down should fill in automatically.
  6. Check the box beside all the students you want to transfer.
  7. Once they are all checked click the Transfer button at the bottom.
  8. A light blue box will show up with the results of the transfer displaying the number of successful and the number of failed transfers if any.