Virtual Virginia

Outreach Program: Frequently Asked Questions

VVA Outreach

When does enrollment for the 2018–2019 Virtual Virginia Outreach Program open?
Enrollment for the EPF course is currently open and can be completed via the express bulk upload process.  Enrollment for all other Outreach resources begins Monday, December 3, at 9 a.m.

Who can enroll students and teachers in the Outreach Program?
The local school counselor who manages Virtual Virginia registration can enroll teachers and students via the express bulk upload process. For counselor support, please contact Registrar Tavy Young.

Is there a limit to the number of students and teachers a school can enroll?
A school may enroll as many students as they wish. There is a cap on the statewide number of seats, so schools should enroll as early as possible—particularly to secure second-semester availability for students.

How can local teachers use the VVA Outreach resources?
The Outreach resources can support instructional needs, including supplemental lessons, substitute and inclement weather plans, and SOL review practice. Teachers will have the flexibility to implement these resources to best fit their needs.  

Whom do I contact with other questions about the VVA Outreach Program?
Please contact Instructional Supervisor Sarah Warnick.