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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Virtual Virginia Outreach Program?

The Virtual Virginia Outreach Program is designed to assist Virginia public school teachers and students by providing access to fully developed online learning modules via the Virtual Virginia learning management system at no cost.

How long has the Outreach Program been around?

The VVA Outreach Program has provided digital content to Virginia public schools since 2012.

What content is available through the Outreach Program?

Virtual Virginia provides content to support learning for kindergarten through grade 12. For a full list of online courses, visit the Virtual Virginia Outreach page.

What courses are available for bulk enrollment?

Virtual Virginia Outreach Program enrollment for the 2020–2021 school year is open for up to 15,000 students via the express bulk upload process in the following courses:

  • English 9, English 10
  • Spanish II, Spanish III, Spanish IV

Who can enroll teachers and students in the Outreach Program via the bulk upload process?

The local school counselor who manages Virtual Virginia registration can enroll teachers and students via the express bulk upload process. For counselor support, please contact Registrar Tavy Young.

What courses are available in the Virginia Public Schools Commons Consortium?

All other Virtual Virginia Outreach courses will be available via the Virginia Public Schools Commons Consortium. 

Here are two videos about how to import content from Commons:

Who can enroll teachers and students in the Outreach Program via the Virtual Virginia LMS expansion?

Local school divisions can enroll teachers and students in the local division LMS to utilize Virtual Virginia Outreach courses. 

How can local teachers use the VVA Outreach courses?

The Outreach courses can support instructional needs. Teachers will have the flexibility to implement the resources that best fit their needs and the needs of their students in a fully online or blended environment.  

Whom do I contact with other questions about the VVA Outreach Program?

Please contact the Virtual Virginia Main Office at 866-650-0025 or main.office@virtualva.org.

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