SUMMER SESSION 6/19/2017 - 7/28/2017

Summer Session Enrollment

Virtual Virginia is offering 36 online courses for Summer Session 2017, including core, world language, and elective courses. Enrollment for the 2017 Summer Session begins April 1 and ends June 16. The school counselor or designated registrar of the school must register the student online through the Virtual Virginia registration system, Genius

The tuition for all students who enroll in Summer Session 2017 courses is $375 per course, regardless of a student's Early College Scholar status. Tuition must be paid at the time of course registration and must be made with an electronic debit, credit, or prepaid card. We accept VISA, MasterCard, or Discover. There will be no refund if a course is dropped after 3PM on Monday, June 26. If a course is dropped prior to 3PM on Monday, June 26, please contact Cynthia Evans to request a refund.

In order for a student to enroll in a Virtual Virginia course, the local school must agree to award the assigned credit for the course. If the course includes a relevant end-of-course assessment, the local school will administer the assessment and award verified credit. Credit is posted into the student’s transcript by the student’s middle or high school.

Homeschool students may also register for Virtual Virginia summer session courses.  The home school instructor of record who may be the parent/guardian may enroll the student and the parent/guardian is responsible for payment of all fees associated with the course.

The Virtual Virginia Technology Support Helpdesk will be available during the summer session from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. (Monday-Friday). The Technology Support Helpdesk can be reached by email at or by phone at 866.650.0027

If you have general questions, or concerns about Virtual Virginia, please call our Main Office at 866.650.0025

The following courses will be offered during Summer Session 2017:

* These courses are available to Middle School students who have met prerequisite requirements

Standards of Learning (SOL) Tests

Students enrolled in courses with Virtual Virginia that have SOL tests must take the test through their local school.

Technology Requirements for Summer Session 2017

Students working outside the local school setting must be aware of the need to access equipment that meets the minimum requirements as specified by Virtual Virginia. These requirements are compiled into the Virtual Virginia Technology Handbook and are organized into general course requirements and then additional technical requirements by course title.

Mentors for Summer Session 2017

Please note that while Mentors are still required for summer courses, the school can designate a parent to be the mentor at their discretion. Parents serving as Mentors must be entered into the system (Genius) by the school counselor prior to registration.

Registration for the Summer Session 2017 closed June 16.

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